1️⃣Setup a crypto wallet

Why do I need a wallet?

Setting up a crypto wallet can seem intimidating. It is one of the very first steps in your crypto/web3 journey after all.

Think of setting up your wallet like opening up a bank account or getting a credit card. Now think of us like the store. When you visit our NFT store, you'll still need your own wallet to pay for NFTs and to safely hold the NFTs you buy!

What is a wallet address?

When you create your wallet, you will receive a unique wallet address (sometimes called a public key) and a secret key phrase (don't share this with anyone). You'll need the unique wallet address later on to load it up with Sui.

Which crypto wallet should I use?

We recommend getting started with one of the following Sui wallets: Elli, Ethos, Suiet.

These wallets are available as a browser extension or mobile app. Using the dApp browser via the mobile app will allow you to trade NFTs on Hyperspace from your phone!

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