Buy Transaction

Buying an NFT that is listed across marketplaces

The createBuyTx api will try to create a buy buffer tx for an NFT that is listed on a marketplace that Hyperspace supports / aggregates.

For items that are listed on the Hyperspace contract, we introduce the concept of buyer broker fees. If an item is listed on the hyperspace contract but not through your platform, you can still show the item on your platform and collect a fee on the buyers who buy the item on your platform (basically incentivizing your platform for sourcing / discovery). It is on you to surface these fees to the user.

Buyer Broker Fee Example:

  • User A lists a degod on the hyperspace contract on platform A for 200 SOL.

    • Platform A charges a .5% seller fee (in addition to the Hyperspace .5% platform fee).

    • User A will have to pay a 1% fee if the degod sells.

  • Platform B can show this listed degods for 202 SOL and set a buyer broker fee for 1% that is paid for the buyer.

    • User B pays 202 SOL

    • Platform B captures 2 SOL at 1% buyer broker fee.

    • Platform A captures .5 SOL at .50% and Hyperspace captures .5 SOL at .50% for a total of 1 SOL

    • User A receives 199 SOL

Function: createBuyTx


  • [Required] buyerAddress

    • Type: string

    • Description: The address of the buyer of the NFT

  • [Required] price

    • Type: number

    • Description: The sol price of the NFT listed

  • [Required] tokenAddress

    • Type: string

    • Description: The token address of the NFT

  • [Required] buyerBroker

    • Type: string

    • Description: The wallet address of the buyer broker

    • Please use the treasury wallet address you provided to us in the API form, so we can identify that the call is coming from your platform. If your treasury wallet has changed reach out to us to let us know.

  • [Optional] buyerBrokerBasisPoints

    • Type: number

    • Description: The fee charged to the buyer

  • [Optional] unverified

    • Type: boolean

    • Description: Flag to try to create a buy tx for a token that is not indexed by Hyperspace



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