🌈Why Avalanche?

This is our favorite part.

Avalanche offers a high-fidelity, high-security network that balances the speed and cost-effectiveness of transactions, while staying easy to use and reliably decentralized. Its revolutionary consensus protocol and novel Subnets enable Web3 developers to easily launch highly-scalable solutions. Some of the key benefits:

  1. Fast and EVM Compatible - Avalanche can boast higher TPS (up to 6,500) and transaction costs compared to Ethereum Mainnet (which caps out at 15 TPS) thanks to its multi-chain architecture

  2. Built-in Blockchains - Avalanche is built using three different blockchains in order to address the limitations of the blockchain trilemma. The three blockchains are: the Exchange Chain (X-Chain), the Contract Chain (C-Chain) and the Platform Chain (P-Chain).

  3. Subnets - Subnets act in unison to keep the state of the chain up-to-date. Subnets allow developers to build their own customized app-chain and allow Avalanche to scale infinitely

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