🚀Core Features

What makes Hyperspace the most powerful NFT trading platform.

  1. Shop the Largest Selection of NFTs - Shop NFTs listed across all marketplaces and never miss out on the best deal again

  2. Rarity/Rank - Know exactly what you're trading! See the rarity of every NFT as you trade

  3. Non-escrow - List your NFTs on Hyperspace & keep the NFT in your wallet until it's sold

  4. Low Trading Fees

    • No listing fees - list your NFTs for sale quickly, at no cost!

    • 0% buyer fees - when you buy an NFT on Hyperspace, you'll pay no fees!

    • 1% seller fees - When you list and successfully sell your NFT, you'll only pay 1% in marketplace fees (plus a royalty to the artist)

  5. Composable Contract - developers and creators can build on top of our platform

  6. Buy Now, Pay Later (NEW) - Buy NFTs for a fraction of the cost upfront

  7. Supercharged Bidding - COMING SOON

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