The Hyperspace JS client allows for developers to build and host their own dashboards, analytics, or marketplace with out any knowledge of rust or how smart contracts on Solana work. We highly recommend using typescript as we provide type bindings to understand the data model.

Our SDK is currently in beta. We apologize for the mix use of camel case vs snake-case as we originally wrote our apis in Python for Solanalysis but eventually moved to an Apollo server backend (TS).

With the SDK developers have access to the following:

  • Statistics of NFT collections indexed by Hyperspace (floors, volume, market cap, etc)

  • NFT collection activity across marketplaces

  • User activity / history across marketplaces

  • Transacting across NFT marketplaces

  • Listing, Bidding, Delisting, Accepting Bids on the Hyperspace Contract

    • Build your own marketplace and set your own fees.

The Hyperspace JS client can be found here.

Fill out the following form to get an api key from us.

NOTE: We have found that the client doesn't play well with React-Native (specifically non-expo). As a solution please use the REST endpoints. If there is an endpoint that exists in the graphql side and not in the REST side please reach out for us to enable.

We are working on building tools and infrastructure to help builders build. If you're part of a company/project looking to get in touch, please reach out to us directly.

If you're an independent developer, feel free to come join the conversation on Discord!

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