🤝Why We Aggregate

We pride ourselves on saving our users money by showing them the entire Solana market, all in one place.

As centralized marketplaces begin specializing for different verticals (PFP, gaming, music) and different user bases, users still are left navigating fluctuating levels of fragmentation and accessing isolated pockets of liquidity on both sides of the market.

  • Reduced access to sell-side liquidity: As a user looking to buy NFTs, am I shopping for the best deals from a full selection of NFTs?

  • Reduced access to buy-side liquidity: As a user looking to sell, am I showing my NFT to the largest number of potential buyers?

Hyperspace allows you to buy NFTs across all major marketplaces by interacting directly on-chain (rather than via a redirect link) so even if one marketplace goes down, you still can maintain access to the underlying smart contract that NFTs are listed on to execute transactions.

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