Making Offers on NFTs

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"
While you shop for NFTs or browse other user's portfolios, you might decide you want to make an offer on an NFT instead of buying it, either because the price seems to high or it's not yet listed for sale.
When you click into an item, find the make offer button and follow the on-screen instructions for entering in an offer amount.
You can always view the active offers you've made from your account page.
Utilizing our underlying marketplace smart contract, we allow users to bid on any item in a collection. In the future, bids will be capital-efficient allowing users to make an infinite number of bids with an escrow balance equal to the maximum bid amount. In practical terms, a user with 5 SOL in their escrow balance could make 100 bids for 5 SOL each on different NFTs.